About CMQ

Founded by Stack’s Bowers Galleries, the renowned numismatic auction house, and David Hall, the esteemed founder of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), Collectible Market Qualified (CMQ) identifies the highest quality graded coins in the market.

Utilizing CMQ’s services, collectors, dealers, and investors can submit qualifying coins to be evaluated by David Hall and Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ CEO Greg Roberts, two of the most accomplished numismatists of all-time. Hall and Roberts will assess each coin for its quality, eye appeal and grade. Coins that Hall and Roberts unanimously agree meet CMQ’s rigorous standards will be recognized as “qualified” and granted a tamper-resistant hologram sticker, symbolizing a mark of approval.

CMQ stickered coins are designed to instill confidence in a coin’s quality and facilitate “sight unseen” trading. Stack’s Bowers Galleries’ and David Hall Rare Coins’ trading departments, who collectively buy and sell more than $500 million in rare coins annually, will be active market makers in all CMQ stickered coins, providing added demand and liquidity. Collectors, dealers, and investors in rare coins can have a new level of confidence when buying or selling CMQ stickered coins because they have unanimously met or exceeded Hall and Robert’s rigorous standards.

About David Hall

David Hall, founder of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), is widely recognized as one of the greatest and most influential numismatists of all time. Under his leadership, PCGS revolutionized the coin collecting hobby by introducing an objective and standardized grading system, which provided collectors and investors with a trusted and consistent method for assessing the condition and authenticity of coins. Hall's visionary approach played a pivotal role in establishing PCGS as the industry standard for coin grading and authentication.

About Greg Roberts

Greg Roberts is a highly accomplished figure in the numismatic world and one of a small handful recognized in the Coin Dealer Hall of Fame by PCGS. Throughout his career, Roberts has held several notable positions, including his current role as CEO of Stack's Bowers Galleries and A-Mark Precious Metals. Under his leadership, Stack's Bowers Galleries has solidified its position as one of the most prestigious and trusted auction houses in the world, specializing in rare coins, currency, and collectibles. With a career spanning several decades, Roberts has traded well in excess of $1 billion of rare coins, handled every coin in the Guide Book of U.S. Coins and built some of the greatest collections ever assembled.