Packing Instructions

Step 1

Print Your Invoice and Shipping Label

Navigate to your Open Submissions and click on the submission you are sending in.

Download and print both your shipping label and submission form.

Step 2

Box Up Your Submission

Place the coins and printed invoice inside the box for easy reference, then tape the shipping label on the outside of the package.

Please do not indicate the contents of the package outside of the box.

Step 3

Ship Your Package

The post office will provide you with forms for their Registered Mail service and you should purchase insurance to cover the value of the shipment.

Any package can be insured up to a maximum amount of $50,000 per parcel through the USPS. If you wish to send packages in excess of this limit, contact us to make special shipping arrangements.

For more tips about how to pack and ship your submission, see our FAQs.
Please contact us for assistance.